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This website is dedicated to the Sharplaninec {pron. ʃɑɹ·plɑ·ni·nɛts}, a legendary dog breed of ancient nobility. The Sharplaninec probably comprises the oldest true Molosser in the world, rendering it to be of key importance not only in cynological but moreover historical terms. The name “Sharplaninec” (Шарпланинeц) is a Macedonian word and basically means Shara Mountain Dog, whereas the Serbian equivalent “Šarplaninac” actually represents the much more common spelling of this name. Nevertheless, the Sharplaninec is an autochthonous breed of Macedonia, where it still can be found in respectable numbers to this present day. Today, these powerful dogs are employed as unrivaled protectors in the area of Shara Mountain as well as Korab, Bistra, Stogovo, Mavrovo, Pelister and Deshat. However, as Shara Mountain itself extends from Macedonia well into neighboring Serbia (southern Kosovo), today the breed is consequently registered under the accurate name MACEDONIAN-YUGOSLAV SHEPHERD DOG - SHARPLANINEC. The Sharplaninec is a truly ancient breed and the privilege and responsibility that comes with caring for this breed should therefore be shared by all peoples from this Balkan region. It is the authentic genuine archetype of the Sharplaninec, which today is endangered and in great need of protection and promotion in order to ensure its preservation for future generations. In this spirit the emphasis here will be on pure Macedonian specimens and hence the Macedonian spelling

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05-11-2009: New puppies are born May 11th, 2009! Check out the pictures on the Litters page. 
01-07-2007: Some preliminary content was finally added to The website is now functional, contains selected images as well as a first video. 
04-21-2006: A rudimentary menu system was added to The buttons are functional but the content for each page is still missing. However, the general layout and framework is in place now. 
04-11-2006: A jpg image representing what the final menu system will look like replaced the dummy site. It provides a general look and feel for the upcoming web site.